Cafelat Knock Boxes

Knockboxes are an essential item for every espresso machine set-up.

The designs that we have now are just fantastic; highly functional and very attractive. But the brilliant aspect of them is that they are so simple.

The rubber bar is reinforced with stainless steel and our choice of material help deaden then sound of the portafilter knocking against it. A non-slip rubber pad on the bottom prevents it moving about the place and also helps to reduce the noise.

To wash we recommend you just give it a rinse in mild detergent. The plastic tub is dishwasher safe but we are not sure you need to go that far as a mild rinse works every time.
  1. Cafelat Knock Box
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  2. Cafelat Knock Small Tubbi Replacement Bar 6" Length
  3. Cafelat Stainless Steel Knock Box
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  4. Cafelat Tubbi Knock Box
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  5. Cafelat Tubbi Replacement Bar 71/4" Length
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