1.  Macap MXD/MXA Burrs  Ø 64.5x38x8.5mm Right Rotation
  2.  Mazzer Robur Conical Burrs Ø 71x14x25 Right rotation 3 Holes Single Phase
    Out of stock
  3.  Rossi/Brasilia Grinder Burrs Ø 63.5x38x9mm Left Rotation
  4. Anfim /Obel Mito Touch Burrs Ø 75x43x9mm Left Rotation
    Out of stock
  5. Anfim Burrs Diam Ø 64x36x9mm  Left Rotation
  6. Anfim Burrs Ø 54x32x8 Left Rotation
  7. Azkoyen Grinder Burrs  64mm x 37mm  Left Rotation
  8. Baby Gaggia/Simonelli Burrs/Eureka MIgnon Ø 50x30x7.5  Right Rotation

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