BFD Precision 14 Gram Basket

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BFD Precision 14 Gram Basket
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True 14 gram for all 58mm portafilters Except Cimbali, Carimali and Pavoni. Slight outward ridge allows for 58 and 58.4mm tampers


Unlike their more expensive counterparts, these are warranteed against defect in manufacture or "splitting" for the life of the basket. Precision BFD 14 Gram Basket, 58mm with outward ridge for 57/58/58.4mm tampers. These are precision machined and polished to the highest standard with no discernable variation on hole size. For those that need to have hyroglyphics laser etched on the side of their baskets, (which is the only thing a laser are used for on those expensive baskets, BTW), Angelo will personally sign each one with a Magic Marker for an additional 25 cents. Angelo's signature, however, is not warranteed for the life of the basket. Its just a Sharpie.