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    We will work to provide technical support, make phone calls to get copies of programing instructions and even diagram a wiring circuit to help you connect a heating element after you customer removed all of the wires before you showed up just don't expect it at 4:00 PM (on the left coast) while we are trying to get orders shipped out for UPS. We shun retail sales so that we can devote time and energy to supporting those of you who make a living in this industry, and we expect you to understand that supplying you with parts is how we make ours.

    If this doesn’t' read like your typical company policy statement, we would like to think that it's because we aren't like everybody else. It is really that simple, and it seems to work


    We do not sell parts nor provide technical support for anything that requires more than a screw driver to install. We have neither the time nor resources to provide the level of support to end users of equipment that we provide service professionals, so we simply will not sell you the parts. We are happy to refer you to a qualified service agent or online retailer who can. We assume that we can provide a high quality portafilter basket or knock out box without having to instruct you on how to use them.

    That being said, it doesn't mean that we won't take your call or answer your email and try to lend a hand when we can. Do not get your nose bent out of shape if we can't.


    No minimum order. No variable or qualified discount structure. Case discounts on cleaning products are detailed on the site, otherwise it’s very simple.

    And no extra charge to drop ship that one 72 cent gasket to Tampa. We will let you know when you are abusing the privilege.

    Retail customers are invited to use PayPal (no account required) or call our office to provide a credit card number directly. We prefer to setup new wholesale customers with a credit card on file or given with each order. We will setup terms with established companies that work with purchase orders and actual accounting departments; contact us for details on how to get set up.


    We ship via UPS for all of our customers in the lower 48 states and will optionally ship via US Priority Mail to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada where appropriate. Virtually all of your UPS orders will ship that same day; non UPS packages will always ship out the following day. Our late UPS pickup (5:30PM PST/8:30 PM EST) allows us to ship next day virtually anywhere in the US; we can usually process critical next day orders quite late in the day provided they are mission critical parts (e.g. elements, CPU's) to put your customer back in business. We will make every reasonable effort.

    We will ship using your UPS account and drop ship to your customer at no extra charge.

    We charge UPS book rates and charge a flat $5.00 per packaging for handling, regardless of how many boxes are in the order. It also applies if you have persuaded us to throw two group gaskets in an envelope to toss in the mail. Plus the stamp.

    Flat rate $5.00 shipping is available to retail customers only and ships either UPS or USPS Priority at our discretion.


    All parts are warranted against defect for 45 days from the date it was shipped. If you purchase items for stock and pull them out of inventory for use after this period, we will offer replacements at no charge on a case by case basis. Defective parts must be returned for credit to your account and shipping must be prepaid. We will not issue call tags for warranty returns or credits. Replacement parts will be shipped prior to our receipt of your returns and billed to your account, with a credit applied once your parts are received and found to be defective. This policy applies to everything we sell, including electronic components. Our liability extends only to the value of the part at fault and does not include labor, shipping or the ordeal of putting up with your customer's bad attitude.

    We have a very flexible return policy and will accept unused items for credit, less shipping and handling, for parts currently in our inventory (yes, even electrical parts) provided that they are in as new condition. We have a standard 20% restocking fee that we will apply to parts returns simply because you don’t want them anymore; ask in advance as we have a reputation for flexibility. Don't, however, expect to be able to return that heating element for full credit that's been sitting on your shelf for 9 months.

    No return can be accepted for credit without prior approval; we will otherwise consider whatever you send a generous gift. All details and considerations can be worked out with a simple phone call in advance.

    Special orders cannot be returned. Period. Unless, of course, we screwed up.

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