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Attrezzo Portafilter Gauge

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Attrezzo Portafilter Gauge
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Combination temperature and pressure testing portafilter assembly


The ultimate tool for testing pressure and temperature at the espresso machine's brew group without having to spend hundreds of dollars on a fragile thermistor fitted to a naked portafilter and attached to the thermal adapter of your Fluke multi-meter. Assuming you have one. This assembly measure temperature on a large analog gauge using a ball valve to control flow, allowing you to map temperature changes for diffferent rates of extraction. Shutting off the ball valve provides for an accurate pressure reading of pump pressure at the group. This one assembly is designed to fit the most common group configurations: Wega, Rancilio, ECM, Astra, Faema, Expobar, Brasilia BE61, Grimac, Iberital, Elktra, Rocket, Isomac and any machine fitted with an E61 Group. We will shortly be able to adapt this test assembly to virtually any manufactuer's portafilter. These are in very short supply as we test and evaluate their performance and we are taking pre-orders now.