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Generic Parts. They really aren’t generic. Espresso machine companies purchase industry standard switches from the same companies that supply the rest of creation; they are tested, reliable and most all of the sizes are standard. Few are designed to spec except for the printed label on the button so having a few extra red rocker switches in your tool box will usually get you out a jam with a special ordered part.

In addition to the listings below, switches are detailed in the machine diagrams in the second half of this catalog. The pictures here, however, are much better and can give a better idea of what you are getting.

What the Differences Are. Virtually all rocker switches and certainly all push-button switches are two position on/off designs. Rockers with 6 terminals send current from the middle terminals to either set of outer terminals depending upon the position and are actually on/on rockers. They can be used in place of 4 terminal rockers by simply leaving two terminals open.

Switches below are all rated for espresso machine line voltages and can easily handle solenoid valve and pump motor loads. Using them to power heating elements should only be done through a relay as they can handle little more than 1500 watts.

Switches Defined. Switches are defined in terms of “throws” and “poles.” The “poles” define how many separate lines of current the switch can handle. Most semi-automatic machines use double pole switches because they send current to both the group solenoid and the motor at the same time but with independent contacts. “Throws” refer to how many places the current will go A single throw switch is either on or off; a double throw switch is send power to one device in one position and to another device in the other position.

Momentary means that you have to keep you finger on it for it to stay on.

SPST: Single pole, single throw. SPDT: Single pole, double throw.
DPST: Double pole, single throw. DPDT: Double pole, double throw.
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