Cafelat Tamper Holder


Along with our corner tamping mat the wall hanger is another of those products where the genius is in the sheer simplicity of the idea.  Karina was able to come up with this and a lot of other of our unique products because she has a fresh approach to the coffee world without any preconceived ideas of what items may or may not be in the market already.

Once you use the hanger you will never want to be without it. It is great to have a dedicated the Cafelat tamper so you always know where it is, and being away from the tamping area means it is kept away from water and coffee grounds.

The hanger comprises the main section where the tamper rests, which interlocks with a backing plate which may be fixed to the wall.

There are 3 different ways to mount your Cafelat tamper hanger.
Hang the main section (without backing plate) directly onto a wall – the back has a V-shaped cut out which means you hook it over a single pan-head screw.

  1. Cafelat Tamper Seat, Black

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